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Our Foundation

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The SPS Foundation is the philanthropic arm of SPS. We back initiatives that enable school communities and young people to thrive through improved literacy and oral language. 

We believe that communication is a basic human right. It is fundamental to a student's ability to participate fully in the social, educational, economic and sporting aspects of our communities.


We work with school communities, speech pathologists and others based on their fit with our focus areas and their social & educational impact on communication as a basic human right.  Our focus areas include: SPS Schools, SPS Kids and SPS People.

Girl in Hallway

SPS Schools

The SPS Foundation provides grants to schools to make an educational impact on improved literacy and oral language education.

Reading to Little Girl

SPS Kids

The SPS Foundation provides grants directly to families and kids to make a social impact for children with a communication disability.

Running Group

SPS Team

The SPS Foundation provides donations to support registered charitable causes our SPS speech pathologists are passionate about.


All applications are supported and endorsed by SPS team members.   It is our way to give back to the community by creating more pathways for children to thrive.  If a school, or family, you know has an educational or social impact project that you want to get off the ground connect with any SPS team member to support and endorse an application for an SPS Foundation grant.


For further information contact any SPS team member or write to us at


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