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Students & Graduates

Student placement program

Speech Pathology for Schools (SPS) is proud of our partnership with several universities in Victoria. Mentors are onsite at schools with students each day of placement led by a Clinical Educator to be sure all students receive a high quality experience.  The SPS Work place learning program offers speech pathology students: 

  • Experience working as a school based speech pathologist with a diverse caseload 

  • A focus on school based assessment, analysis of data, formulating of measurable goals including a deep understanding of the evidence behind these practices. 

  • Implementation of evidence-based practices for assessment and intervention. 

  • Teaching days where students come together as a group, share experiences and learn about topics related to the role of speech pathology integrated into a school community. 

  • An opportunity to attend one of our quarterly conferences.   

  • Strong candidates for career opportunities within SPS, e.g. our Early Career Jump start program.   

Jumpstart program

The SPS Jump Start Program is perfect for final year speech pathology students looking to get a head start in a career as a school based speech pathologist. It offers the opportunity to learn while you are paid to work alongside an experienced speech pathologist onsite at one of our partner schools. It is designed to be flexible around your studying commitments and tailored to your clinical and professional learning needs.  The Jump Start Program offers: 

  • Casual based employment with eligibility for permanent employment upon graduation 

  • Provides a range of clinical experiences to equip you with the knowledge and skills to work as school based speech pathologist 

  • Gives you real world experience as a speech pathologist in a school including application of skills and hone essential soft skill to set you up for success. 

  • Offers ample opportunity to observe an experienced speech pathologist engage in capacity building with teachers, support officers, and school leaders.  

  • Access to the highly skilled and professional SPS team through social events, team conferences and online support applications.  

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