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Changing Lives

Online seminar

21 September 2020

9:00am Melbourne, Australia

Using the science of language and reading to ensure success for all students

Changing Live:  Using the science of language and reading to ensure success for all students

Thank You


Thank you for joining us at the SPS Online Seminar: Changing Lives.  The event was very popular with around 100 educators, academics and speech pathologists attending.   SPS is passionate about running more events like this.  Please take a minute to let us know what you thought and what you would like to see for future events. 

Event Resources 


If you missed out you can watch a recording of the event. In addition, Prof Pamela Snow has kindly made available the slides from her Changing Lives presentation.  She also referenced a number of resources for further reading.  These resources will be available for download for the next 30 days.


Keep in touch

We welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation with you about using the science of language and reading and how together, we can change student lives in your school.  Keep in Touch and join our community to hear about upcoming events.  Continue the conversation about Changing Lives - leave a comment

Changing Live:  Using the science of language and reading to ensure success for all students


Online seminar: 21 September 2020

Prof Pamela Snow’s keynote address will be discussing the importance of oral language and reading competence and its influence on children’s development, academic achievement and life success. Drawing on frameworks and evidence-based practice, attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of: 

  • the science of language and reading 

  • the adverse effects of poor oral language and reading skills 

  • the importance of an educator’s role in building a student’s oral language and reading skills to succeed at school and in life. 


Followed by a special opportunity for you to ask questions, seek advice and expand your knowledge of oral language and literacy education for all students.  Explore the ways to effectively implement supports in schools from the experience of school and industry leaders.  The expert panel discussion will be an interactive Q & A session where seminar attendees can engage with and learn from school and industry leaders who share a passion and focus on improving student outcomes.. 


Opening address


Mala Ferdinando


Speech Pathology for Schools

Learn how SPS is engaging whole school communities to improve student outcomes

Mala Ferdinando


Prof Pamela Snow.png

Keynote address


Pamela Snow

Professor of Cognitive Psychology

LaTrobe University

Learn about the evidence on the importance of oral language and reading to life long success

Professor Pamela Snow


Experts Panel

Q & A


Expert Panel discussion

Language and Literacy experts

School & Industry leaders

Ask questions, seek advice and expand your knowledge in an interactive Q&A session

Expert Panel



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